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Welcome to the Canadian Blood Services Defined Contribution (DC) Pension Plan web site.

What will you find here?

On the CBS Defined Contribution (DC) pension web site, you'll learn how to join the plan, what you must contribute to the plan, and what options you have if you experience various life events. You'll also find brief descriptions of government plans and personal retirement savings. On the site you'll find:

  • How the plan works - explains how and when you may join the plan, outlines what contributions to the plan you will need to make and how you may invest them, describes what options you have upon retirement, and explains what happens in the event of leaves, termination, or death.

  • Government benefits - outlines the benefits available under the Canada Pension Plan (CPP), Quebec Pension Plan (QPP), Old Age Security (OAS) and the Guaranteed Income Supplement.

  • FAQs - answers frequently asked questions about joining, contributing, and retiring from the plan.

  • Glossary - definitions of commonly used pension terms.

  • Forms and documents - provides electronic copies of DC pension-related forms and documents.

  • Related sites - provides links to the fund manager's web site, government web sites, and the Canadian Blood Services site.

  • Advisory Committee Info - lists the names of all current members of the Advisory Committee, provides past and current Records of Advice from Advisory Committee meetings, and highlights current issues and plan updates.

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Is this your first time using the site?

  • If so, visit our First-time users page. You'll review the site structure and discover what you'll find behind each main link.

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Are you new to internet navigation?

  • Then Site navigation 101 is for you. You'll find out about how links work and see how the search function, sitemap, and glossary will help make your visit a quick and easy one.

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For DC plan members only

  • If you are currently a member of the Defined Contribution (DC) plan, you can use this site to access information about your retirement account, transfer funds between your investments, and change how your future contributions are allocated among your funds. You can also use the pension Forecasting Tool to estimate your account balance at different ages, based on assumptions you provide.

  • The DC pension plan member booklet provides a summary of the plan and how it works. You can access this document in the "Forms and Documents" section on this web site.

  • To access your retirement account information, and to ensure that this confidential information remains secure, you must log in to the members-only section. To log in, you will need to provide your employee number and a password. The first time you log in, you must change your password, and you may change it again at any time thereafter.

  • When you are finished using the members-only features, you must log out of the section to return to the main site.

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