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To navigate the web site, you use three toolbars that appear on the top and left of every page, except those pages in the members-only section. Each toolbar has a separate function:

Toolbar Name Location and Function
Tabs Toolbar
  • The tabs toolbar runs horizontally across the top of your screen and consists of the How the DC plan works, Government benefits, FAQs and Glossary tabs. This toolbar provides links to information about the Canadian Blood Services Defined Contribution (DC) Pension Plan.

  • When you select a link on this toolbar, an additional toolbar appears immediately below if the topic has sub-sections. These sub-sections will help narrow your search.

  • This toolbar will disappear when you enter the members-only section of the site.

Left Toolbar
  • The vertical toolbar on the left of your screen (Member log in, Forms and documents, etc.) consists of links to pages that provide you with reference information and allow you to search the site.

  • You will also find a link to the member log-in screen. If you are currently a member of the Defined Contribution (DC) plan, you can use this link to access your account information, transfer funds between investments, and change how future contributions to the plan will be allocated. You can also use the pension Forecasting Tool to estimate your account balance at different ages, based on assumptions you provide.

  • This toolbar will be replaced by a different toolbar when you enter the members-only section of the site.

  • The toolbox is just above the tabs toolbar at the top of your screen and is your main resource for navigating within the site. From this toolbar you will always be able to return to the home page and access the sitemap.

  • If you are in the members-only section, the tabs toolbar will disappear. To return to the main site, click on the "Log off" link that will appear in the toolbox.

The links on each toolbar will change colour when you select a page. This way, you know where you are on the site at all times. As well, you have immediate access to every non-secured section of the site, regardless of your current location.

On most of the site pages, you will also find a "table of contents". This is a list of links that summarizes the information you will find on that page. You can read the page in full by scrolling down, or you can skip to your desired topic by clicking an item in this list. When you are finished reading that topic, you may return to the table of contents by clicking the "back to top" arrow icon.

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